10 September 2017


It may be fashion month, but I am still dedicated to buying new core staples. Finding the perfect pair of Mom jeans can be a struggle. You want them to fit your waist perfectly, but when they do they always seem to be too tight around the thigh/bum area. After buying my fair share of jeans, this Topshop pair has quickly become my new favourite because of the wash, fit and comfort and closely resembles the Re/Done style (the Instagrammer's go-to jean) for a fraction of the price!

You can never own too many striped t-shirts, especially a fresh, boyfriend shaped tee, paired with vans and a blue teddy bomber for maximum comfort. I am also loving my new smart/minimal bag from Radley, which looks luxe and can be worn with anything.


Striped Top - Topshop

Mom Jeans - Topshop

Bomber Jacket - Hushhttp://rstyle.me/n/cr7kteb8nj7

Bag - Radley

Watch - Kapten & Son

Sunglasses - Celine 'Caty'

Earrings - Chupi



  1. Perfect jeans ;)


  2. This is my go-to outfit, stripes and mom jeans never fail me haha - you look gorgeous by the way!

    Lucy | Forever September

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