23 July 2017


I have always liked to keep my outfits very minimal, sticking to denim, black and white as my daily uniform and letting the small details be the focus. When it comes to jewellery I have always been a silver gal... until more recently. Now that it's summer and I have more of tan, gold suits my skin tone more and I love that it opens a whole range of new options I haven't tried before! 

I used to always go for cheap, high street jewellery which would lose it's colour after a few weeks and have that dirty look about it which ruins the look completely. There is nothing worse than a necklace you love and the quality lets you down. Now, after throwing away a large amount of jewellery, I prefer to choose more carefully and like to pay a little bit extra for a great quality piece. 

Finding something unique is really important to me. That's not to say I don't love trends and 'it' pieces when it comes to bags and clothes, but jewellery is a bit different and I find it to be more personal and  I am looking for a timeless piece. Especially if you wear it everyday - I have a pair of earrings and a few rings that I never take off unless I have to - it needs to be special and durable.

So when JewelStreet contacted me to collaborate I was very excited to see that they hold over 600 unique luxury jewellery designers all on one site. Not only do they have such a large amount of brands but I love that they create their own edits (which is probably my favourite part of online shopping) including the latest trends, festival jewellery and birth stones categories, along with moodboards for styling ideas. This way you can be open to discovering a range of new brands that aren't all over Instagram yet that still fit in to your personal style.

When you hear 'luxury designers' you imagine the prices to be pretty high, especially for smaller boutiques, but I was happily surprised that there is a large price bracket ranging from as low as £30 making the majority of very affordable. Hooray!

I chose two circular style necklaces - not intentionally! The first being a small style 'Double Infinity Necklace' with interlocking hoops which I love from a Scandinavian brand, Amundsen Jewellery. I love the subtlety and the fact that it is a timeless piece that can be worn with anything. The second being more of a statement necklace, 'Bars in Circle Necklace' from Atelier Petites Pierres which is a lot larger than I normally go for, but I love the length and that the bar goes through the hoop, making it adjustable to where you would like it to sit on your chest. It is also a perfect layer piece which I have styled over the Infinity.

The final piece is the 'Gold Plated Ruit Detachable Earrings' from Dutch Basics, a minimalist brand from the Netherlands. These diamond shaped earrings are incredible because they can be worn in 3 different ways where the diamonds come apart. Talk about being original! I have a feeling these will be my new earrings I never take out.

S H O P   J E W E L L E R Y

Infinity Necklace | Amudsen Jewellery, JewelStreet

Bars in Circle Necklace | Atelier Petites Pierres, JewelStreet

Gold Plated Ruit Detachable Earrings | Dutch Basics, JewelStreet

S H O P  O U T F I T 

Black Kimono | Topshop

Crochet Top | Missguided

Jeans | Topshop

Espadrilles | Jones Bootmaker

Bag | Radley

Watch | Rotary

Sunglasses | Celine 'Caty'

This post was in collaboration with JewelStreet


  1. You look great!


  2. This jewelry is so cool!


  3. I've always only bought silver jewellery, but I've started to really like gold jewellery. I do tend to invest in really good quality pieces that I use for years x

    Jenny | LuxeStyle

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  5. You chose some lovely pieces. I love the ear rings a lot.



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