26 June 2017


It's amazing how a few new prints here and there can completely change a space and gives your home a fresh update. My desk area is probably my favourite part of my bedroom. It has my iMac, my magazine collection and usually a bunch of flowers which creates the perfect 'home office' that I try (really hard) to keep clutter-free.

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Filling my favourite space with these beautiful prints from Desenio, a Scandinavian website with an array of prints and posters to choose from including a range of well priced, lightweight frames which is so helpful buying them all together under one site. As you can probably see, I favoured the floral/botanical posters to add more green into my room and an easy alternative from having to  water actual plants which I haven't been too great at in the past! The succulent I had I watered too much and it actually drowned and my other tall palm plant grew out of control and I didn't water enough, so all in all I can't win.

I have been wanting a map of London for a long time and was so happy to find this beautiful, minimal, black and white style in 50x70cm to hang above my bedside table. In terms of frames, I mixed and matched white, black and wood, for a more irregular look and I feel it makes the prints look more individual and the oak adds a bit of extra warmth.

Another new addition to my bedroom is the metal polaroid clips banner that I've hung above my bed. Sadly it is now unavailable however I have found something very similar here. I love anything that gives my room a more personal touch and even better can showcase my polaroid addiction.

25% off Desenio with code: 

Valid from 27th to 29th of June

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This post is in collaboration with Desenio


  1. Absolutely love it!


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