27 May 2017


Barbados was an absolute dream! Possibly one of the most beautiful places I have been lucky enough to visit and I can't believe how quickly the week flew by. My Mum and I decided to take a trip to the Caribbean, to escape the miserable British weather and get some much needed sun.

T H E   H I G H L I G H T S 

1. The Paradise Beaches. White, palm tree lined beaches and crystal, clear turquoise water with perfect swimming temperatures. You really can't beat a Caribbean beach. As a sea baby, we got up nearly every morning for an early dip before breakfast, and swam throughout the day to refresh from the heat.

2. The Food.  I cannot explain how amazing the meat was. If there's one thing they can do out there, it's grill and season the meat to perfection. My mouth is watering thinking back! I tried some of the best combinations I have ever tasted which were mango with chicken and a pineapple-steak salad and they just really nailed the sweet-meat combo. I also loved the variety of tropical fruit, especially watermelon and fresh coconut water everyday. 

 3. The Rum. Where the majority of the world's rum comes from, it's safe to say there's a fair amount on the island. Pina Coladas & Mojitios are always a favourite. Warning: the Rum Punch is pretty lethal. It tastes so yummy and next thing you know, you're struggling to make it back to the hotel room.  

4. The People. Everyone was so happy and friendly, and I can see why, living in such a beautiful country. Coming from possibly the most antisocial place on the planet (aka London) where you avoid eye contact at all times, it was such a lovely culture shock to be greeted everywhere we went with so much positive energy, whether it be by the staff in our hotel or the locals which definitely made our holiday. 


We stayed at the beautiful 4 star Almond Beach Resort located on the West Coast of Barbados. Further north from the main towns and away from the multi million celebrity villas which gave us a much more cultural and true Barbadian experience.

   The beachfront hotel had several pools and restaurants, with a large beachfront making it feel very spacious. The main reason this hotel was so incredible was that it was not only a beautiful all-inclusive resort to relax, but everything was so authentic and you really got a feel for the Barbados culture which is what travelling is all about. 

Everything was feel-good with a relaxed 'no worries' attitude sticking to their roots.  They played live Caribbean music, and even played Under The Sea from The Little Mermaid live on the steel drums at breakfast one day! Their restaurants were all looking over the beach, with colourful interiors, straw thatched beach huts and fresh coconut water on the beaches. All the little touches that made the experience so amazing.

I couldn't believe the amount of the free trips and excursions that were included in our stay:

Swimming with turtles (my Finding Nemo dream come true)
Reef fishing 
Jeep Safari around the island
Glass bottom boat rides
Beach yoga
Cooking courses
Cocktail-making classes
Shuttle services to Bridgetown
Mini golf, tennis courts etc (far too hot for exercise but noted just in case!)

There were also water sports, scuba diving and a spa available with an additional fee.

Our stay and the whole experience was incredible and would go back in a heart beat if I could. 


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  1. Paradise!


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