27 August 2016


I absolutely love the new Triangl bikinis! Each year they seem to get better and better and this year I decided to choose this beautiful yellow floral style which was quite a bold choice for someone who normally chooses unpatterned, plain colours of black, blues and occasionally red. I am so glad I took the risk for something more bold and tropical as this style turned out to be my favourite bikini of the holiday! I chose a size S in the top and M in the bottom. As the fabric is neoprene, it has no stretch so my advice would be to size up slightly if you are unsure. 

After doing some yellow bikini research (below) it turns out that it seems to be a bit of a trend this summer with many great options to choose from. So take a look and take the risk! 

O  U  T  F  I  T     D  E  T  A  I  L  S

Celine Sunglasses



  1. That bikini is so pretty, and you look amazing! I wish I could wear this shape bikini but my chest is too big!



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