6 June 2016


I have been feeling so motivated for the gym these past few months and I am determined to live a healthier lifestyle and tone up. This time last year I had got into a real slump, not exercising at all, sitting in an office all day, all week and compulsive snacking - if you work in an office you will understand the temptation!

I am sharing my 5 tips to get you back in the gym. I feel these have really helped me get motivated, back into a routine with short and long term goals.

1.    G  E  T    I  N  S  P  I  R  A  T  I  O  N

One word: 'inspo'. Get as much as possible via Instagram/ Tumblr/Pinterest/Youtube. Find and follow people you aspire to, people who post daily work out videos and people who post healthy, mouthwatering food that you want to recreate. 

2.     B  U  Y    N  E  W    K  I  T

Treat yourself to something new, whether it's a new gym top, yoga matt or trainers. I've bought myself this new Nike sports bra and some bright turquoise equipment from Tiger so I can exercise at home and it is a great incentive.

3.     P  L  A  N 

I love a good plan (sometimes more than what I am actually planning to do!).  Schedule in your diary or calendar when you will be going to the gym that week and what you plan to do each session. Vary your workouts (gym, yoga, swimming) and book classes for variation. You can also plan your diet for the week and include your cheat days. Make the plan achievable otherwise it can de-motivate you.

4.   E  X  E  R  C  I  S  E    T  O  G  E  T  H  E  R

Exercise with a friend as you are less likely to skip the gym if you have plans with someone and it's good to support and motivate each other. Classes are also great as you have an instructor to push you and the positivity from training in a group.

5.   S  E  T   T  A  R  G  E  T  S

Finally, set targets- short and long term. What are you trying to achieve? Where are you trying to lose weight? When do you want to lose it by? Before and after photos are a great way to monitor your progress and writing your targets down will make you more likely to stick to them. My focus are legs and abs and to improve my endurance.



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