21 March 2016


My cousin and I decided to take a very last minute trip to Paris last weekend! Taking all my city snaps on my new Olympus Pen E-PL7 which is an actual game changer. For anyone interested in photography, especially bloggers, this little camera has an amazing lens with brilliant quality for both photos and videos, a flip down screen for selfies (their main USP - and a great one at that) as well as wifi so you can send photos straight to your phone, so I was able to Instagram some of these high res images while I was away. I will do a separate post dedicated to this camera soon where I will go into more detail - so stay tuned!

We were SO lucky with the weather, blue skies and sun shining the whole three days we were there, giving me a chance to wear my first skirt of the year. Using the Eiffel Tower as a beautiful (and very cliche) backdrop for this outfit post, I styled this white skirt with a chunky camel knit, with a bat-wing sleeve for a slouchy feel. Wearing my fresh new Stan Smith trainers to stay comfortable for all the site seeing/shopping.

Jumper- Asos (Similar)

Skirt- Zara (Similar)

Trainers - Adidas



  1. Lovely look! You look amazing!



  2. Paris is always a good idea:)) I absolutely love this look !


  3. I love your outfit in this post, pictures are great too :)

    Cultivation of Jasmin

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