11 January 2015


Over New Year I was lucky enough to travel to Cuba with my family where we spent the first week in Varadero in an Iberostar Resort- which I highly recommend! We decided to go to Cuba not only for the beautiful Caribbean beaches but also to learn about Cuban culture and to explore the history of Havana.

One of the reasons I loved this holiday as much as I did was because Cuban people are so happy, friendly and love their country, which is understandable waking up to the sun and beaches everyday. I recommend visiting the Caribbean at Christmas because although it is winter there, the weather is sunny every day and the temperature is perfect at around 30 degrees and the sea around 25. Another reason I loved this resort was the all inclusive - and in particular the drinks ranging from coconut milk and fruit milkshakes to exotic tequila and rum cocktails!

After the Cuban Revolution in 1959 it was illegal for America to do business with Cuba which is why Cuba's roads are full of stunning 40's and 50's styled American cars. In one of the photos I am standing next to an original pink cadillac that was parked outside the hotel. I wonder if this will all change now that America is looking to improve its relations with Cuba.


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  1. Gorgeous place!


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